Monday, October 8, 2012

Stamp Mill Forging Companies

I have noticed that there are many foundry companies, some large and some small, that manufactured stamp mill mortar boxes and other stamp mill components. I also noted that they are located in several locations. After conducting a review of stamp mill foundries that have been in business over the years, I have found (28) companies located in California, Nevada, Colorado, Illinois, Alaska, Arizona, North Carolina, and even in Canada. I discovered a total of 46 mills during the search.

Several stamp mills did not have any name or identification on the mortar boxes or major components. This represents about 25% of the mills that I researched. I did place one of the mills on the listing that I have not learned the foundry it came from as of this project completion. I have identified the mills that are “operable”. This means that they can rotate the mill. The mill at the Kentucky Mine is rotated by the tour guide grabbing onto the drive belt and pulling it until the one stamp that is engaged, is lifted up and then drops. On the other hand the stamp mill at the Arizona Mining & Mineral Museum operates at 60 RPM, has a feeder that works, and the resulting ore is processed though a gold wheel.  

I have visibly verified all but two of the locations. They are in Georgia and North Carolina and I have not had the chance to go to those locations for first hand validation and video taping. Both of those mills do operate.

This is by no means a total list, since I know that it has not been possible for me to travel to every part of the US and Canada. I have spent some time investigating Australia and Tasmania, and there are stamp mills in both areas. This is for another project.

I assembled a listing of public stamp mills that are being operated at the end of the slides for your information. This will allow you to gather more information and maybe visit the museums listed.

If there is any information that is not correct, please contact me by writing a comment in my Blog.

The following slides are in alphabetical oder by foundry. Enjoy!


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