Sunday, August 25, 2013

Underground Mining Equipment & Processes

The following is a study of underground mining equipment & processes. It includes the types of drivers used to transport the miners and materials underground, the devices that miners and materials moved through the mine complexes and the digging tools used underground.

Mine Engines
There have been several types of energy used to move miners and ore underground. They range from mules moving the miners and ore to air operated and electric conveyances.
The following pictures show some of the various types of engines that have been used over the years.

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Personnel Transports
There have been several types of miner transports over the years for both vertical and horizontal transport.

Materials Transport
There were several different needs for devices to transport materials in and out of the mines including, ore, wood, steel, rock waste (muck), and also to remove human wastes from the mines.

Digging Machines
Miners have been inventive over the years starting with a pick and shovel and developing tools with mechanical advantage powered by steam, air and electric in their underground operations.


  1. The Spragpole stamp mill looks to be a three stamp instead of a two stamp.

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