Thursday, December 31, 2015

Millman Certification

Program Scope: A program was developed at the Arizona Mining & Mineral Museum in 2001 for certifying museum volunteers as Millmen. This training plan ensures that the individuals that operate stamp mills are trained sufficiently to perform all of the tasks associated with stamp mill operations. This procedure provides that the individuals will have a good knowledge of stamp mill operations and be able to operate the equipment with precision and without fear.

Origination: This program was established in April of 2001 with help from the folks at the Mariposa Museum and History Center, in Mariposa, California. They had several volunteers that worked on and operated their stamp mill and they had a program at the museum for Millmen. Our group was working on a 5-stamp mill at the Arizona Mining & Mineral Museum in Phoenix, Arizona, but did not know much about operating stamp mills. A group of (10) volunteers, in two visits, from the Arizona Mining & Mineral Museum spent a couple days at the Mariposa Museum and History Center and obtained training from their knowledgeable people (millmen).

Initial Certification: The picture below shows the first group of trainees at the Mariposa Museum and History Center Historical Society Stamp Mill University. There was another group about a month later, making a total of (10) Arizona Mining & Mineral Museum volunteers becoming Millmen.

History: The organization started at the Arizona Mining & Mineral Museum in 2001 where there were a total of (15) millmen certifications issued. The program has branched out over the years and there have been additional satellite programs developed. Among them are the Cave Creek Museum, Cave Creek, Arizona; Mojave Desert Heritage & Cultural Association, Goffs, California; and Superstition Mountain Museum, Apache Junction, Arizona; that now have programs to train millmen. Each of these satellites has a lead Millwright. The Millwright program consists of stamp mill life experience, has worked on multiple stamp mills and has trained millmen in the restoration and operation of the Stamp Mills.

Qualified Millmen: The table below shows the museums that have benefited from this training procedure.


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